Traffic Violations

Charged by your local police department with a traffic ticket? Believe it or not,there are  thousands of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario motorist charged each and every day. The amount of tickets go up even more on statutory hoildays as the local, provincial and federal police department ramp up their traffic enforcemnt on these hoildays. In Ottawa and Eastern Ontario last year the local police detachments issued over 180.000 traffic tickets an incease over last year's total of 130,000.

All traffic violations cost Ontarians higher taxes for policing services, court services and higher insurance premiums. The Provincial and local Municipalities pass on the cost of policing services to the taxpayer for increases in putting more police officers in routine traffic patrols, where their expertise in other areas of criminal matters are under utilized. 

 Here in Ontario there is the presumption everyone charged with an offence whether it be a Criminal Code of Canada offence or Ontario Highway Traffic Act offence is innonce of their charge. In Ontario when a motorist is issued a traffic ticket they have three (3) options on the back of their traffic ticket.
The option are listed below:

  • Option 1 is to pay the ticket.
    The result of paying the ticket is an admission of guilt on your part and you will be assess the demerit points associated with the offence.
  • Option 2 is plead guilty with an explanation
    The resultof this action is a guilty conviction and the assessment of demerit points on your driving license. The Justice of the Peace will only deal with the fine assessed to the offence. The Crown Prosecutor's like it when people use this option as they no longer have to present evidence and prove your guilt.
  • Option 3 is to plead not guilty
    You can defend yourself and most defendants want to do this  and Crown Prosecutor's like it when someone defends themselves. Some people are not intimidated by the process, procedures and understand how the Court systems works. Are quite capable of defending themselves, we at Daniel Pattullo Paralegal Services wish them good luck in their endeavours. However if you are like the majority of people who  do not know the Court system and can be intimidated by the process and procedures have another option of obtaining the services of an expereinced Traffic Court Agent at Daniel Pattullo Paralegal Services.

The province of Ontario, major cities in the province and the Ontario Court of Justice have representative attending court on their behalf to defend their interests. You should also have the same options available to you. 

There are further financial ramifications to not defending your traffic ticket. Your insurance rates will increase as results of any guilty convictions. Insurance companies conduct a driver licence check to determine your premiums, they pay a nominal fee to the Ministry of Transport Ontario to access your driver abstract to determine if you received any Provincial Offences Notices (traffic tickets) and from there calculate your your rates for the upcoming years. Here at Daniel Pattullo Paralegal Services we use our extensive knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act and court procedures to help resolve your matter.