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Daniel Pattullo Paralegal Services is committed to providing Eastern Ontario and more specifically in the Ottawa area a legal services with quality representation in the Provincial Offence Act and other legal services.

Why Choose A Paralegal?

There  are numerous reasons to choose a paralegal over a lawyer. One of the main reason(s) would be the cost of hiring a lawyer, with the majority of lawyers charging hourly rates which can escalate rather rapidly or by contingency rates that are only an estimate of how much their services could cost and will only increase (and never decrease) depending on the issues. There's also the lawyers administration staff and location(s) of office(s) that are all cost factors in the final bill for their clients or potential clients. As most paralegal are one or two persons operations and therefore the cost of conducting business is lower.

The majority of paralegal will operate on a flat rate charge with the total cost being upfront. If there are additional charges the paralegal will be  responsible for the cost overrun. Another reason for choosing a paralegal over a lawyer is the relationship between clients and their legal representative.

The majority of lawyers carry a large volume of working caseloads and therefore tend not to respond to their client(s) inquiries a to the status of their situation. Generally, lawyers will not respond personally to your inquiry but will have someone else contact you. You will be billed for this contact at half the rate of the lawyer fees for this service and still haven't had contact with your legal representative.

As stated earlier, most paralegal work as one(1) or two (2) persons operations and therefore when contacting them, you will converse with your legal representative, who will receive your information first hand and not second hand. The cost of talking with most paralegal is already included in your costs.

Background on Dan Pattullo

Dan is a licensed Paralegal and a retired Federal Law Enforcement officer with extensive experience in traffic enforcement as well as a Court Liaison officer within both the Federal and Provincial court systems. Dan was the Court Agent for X-Copper Legal Services for the Ottawa Courts and surrounding area for four (4) years prior to establishing Daniel Pattullo Paralegal Services...

  • one the first paralegal to qualify and be licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Extensive training and experience in the law enforcement industry
  • former Traffic Court Agent for X-Copper Legal Services.
  • a graduate of Algonquin College paralegal program
  • a practicing paralegal for the past 4 years
  • strong ethical values and integrity


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