Traffic Violations

Charged by your local police department with a traffic ticket? Believe it or not,there are  thousands of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario motorist charged each and every day. The amount of tickets go up even more on statutory hoildays as the local, provincial and federal police department ramp up their traffic enforcemnt on these hoildays. In Ottawa and Eastern Ontario last year the local police detachments issued over 180.000 traffic tickets an incease over last year's total of 130,000.

All traffic violations cost Ontarians higher taxes for policing services, court services and higher insurance premiums. The Provincial and local Municipalities pass on the cost of policing services to the taxpayer for increases in putting more police officers in routine traffic patrols, where their expertise in other areas of criminal matters are under utilized. 

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Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are very costly to the majority of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario's drivers. They are not only costly in the immediate terms of the fines that are associated with the speed but you will take a hit in the pocket book when your insurance renewal is due. The insurance companies every year pay a nominal fee to the Ministry of Transport for access to your driving history, so as to inquire as to wherher you have been a good driver or a bad one. Most insurancce companies conduct a check of your driving history every two years. If there are any convictions, they will use the conviction for the next three (3) years to justify their fees to you the customer. 

The definition of speeding is defined as travelling at a rate of speed greater than the posted speed limit on highways, roadways and streets as defined in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). Speeding under the HTA is a regulatory offence and should not be considered a criminal offence. However depending on the cicumstances speeeding can lead to a more serious charges under the Criminla Code of Canada. With charges such as Dangeroues and/or criminal negligence driving.

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